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Where has the summer gone?
Kristina Chau - Thursday, August 05, 2010
Hey party people!

I'm sooo sorry I've been MIA for so long!  June and July have passed by in a blink of an eye, leaving me no time to blog.  

But, now that I have some breathing space, here's the rundown of what's been going on in the party world and what's been keeping me so busy!

June 6, 2010 - simply divas.  Not Your Average Party was proud to support the 5th annual simply divas at the Berkeley Church.  This simply stellar fundraiser raised over $15,000 in support of Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere (FAME)! 

June 19, 2010 - Mitsubishi City Chase.  Not Your Average Party was contracted to be a Course Manager for this urban adventure race.  Teams of two competed by making their way to various Chase Points around the city by foot or on public transit.  It was super fun!

June 30 - July 2, 2010 - TD Victoria International Jazz Festival.  Festival execution is another one of Not Your Average Party's forte so when Armstrong Partnership asked me to head out to Victoria to ensure TD's sponsorship activation was in place, I jumped at the chance!  As you will see - I even got to spend Canada Day here!

July 3 - July 5, 2010 - TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival.  The next leg of my west coast trip was to head over to Vancouver to once again be the point contact and oversee TD's sponsorship activation.  Have I mentioned I love my job?!

 July 9-11, 2010 - TD Sunfest.  This festival in Victoria Park in London, Ontario is one of the best cultural festivals I've been too!  I was once again the lead contact for TD's sponsorship activation which included a TD misting station, a Monster Mural for kids to paint, balloon giveaways and free eco-friendly bags from TD Friends of the Environment.  What a great weekend!

July 14, 2010 - A Commitment to Toronto - Karen Sun Campaign Fundraiser.  Not Your Average Party was proud to support Karen Sun, City Councillor candidate in Ward 19 for her fundraiser at Meta Gallery (pictured below).  This contemporary art gallery on Ossington Avenue between Dundas and Queen Street was a great space to house this event, as Karen being the recognized community leader she is, is passionate about supporting local businesses.


 Franklin Templeton Investments Outlook and Opportunities Forum.

 As if all the above wasn't enough to keep me busy, during the    months  of June and July I worked alongside the awesome marketing  team at  Franklin Templeton Investments to ensure their annual forum  was a  huge success - and it was!  

 What makes this corporate event unique is it takes place in Roy  Thomson Hall instead of your typical convention centre.  This great  space normally houses musicians and artist of all genres, so it offered a  bright and creative environment for this annual event , giving it a "not  your average" touch!
 If you think your emotions are taking over your investment plan, you can see a replay of this special presentation and get investment advice from top Portfolio Managers by visiting BNN.

So there you have it!  Can you understand and forgive me now for not posting?  Anyhow this party guru is now working on an exciting fundraiser for SKETCH, which will be held on October 13 at Polson Pier. I will be posting updates here, on Twitter and on Facebook so keep checking back and enjoy the party.

For the life of the party,

*Note - I had to take out mention of a wedding client due to a pending publication on it in a high profile wedding magazine.  Hopefully it will make it in and you can read all about it there!

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