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Small Acts of Kindness
Kristina Chau - Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Hey party peeps,

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine on Saturday - what a gorgeous day it was!  I was busy as usual and helped out with a fundraiser called Toronto Bakes for Japan, which raised over $26,000 on the weekend and with continued online donations, the total is over $27,000!  The proceeds are being donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society who are aiding with the relief efforts in Japan.

It was such an inspiring and unique event to be part of and organizers Heena and Niya did a wonderful job of taking this idea and making it a reality.  To see a community of such kind and giving people come together for such an important cause really touched my heart.  From donating baked goods, to volunteering at the event, to purchasing the yummy treats, the people of T.O. really came through and made me so proud of being a Torontonian!

Here are some pics of the location and great people who helped bring this event to life, and of course the delicious baked goods:

Amaranto Café - 809 St. Clair Avenue West

  The lovely owner of Amaranto Cafe, Elizabeth Rumbe and me :)

Some of the yummy treats on display.

Check out these beautiful origami cupcakes!

Or what about these cute Rice Krispie pops!

Here's Margaret, one of our dedicated volunteers
ready to sell our Toronto Bakes for Japan merchandise

One of the highlights of my day was meeting this amazing family pictured above. 
These parents gave money weekly to their two cuties Owen & Liam to put away in
their piggy bank and save for a charity.  They emptied it out and
donated to Toronto Bakes for Japan, giving us $68 total!!

I love this quote that really sums up what this event was all about - Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. ~Howard Zinn

Donations are still pouring in, so you too can be part of this great community fundraiser.  Please visit: Japan Needs Your Help or bid on the Online Art Auction to make your online contribution.

For the love of the party and Japan,

not your average party